About Us

Founded by a father and daughter with a passion for nutrition, health and all things outdoors. Chris and Kate Spencer are the face behind this family owned recipe & company. When not in the kitchen, the two are in the mountains, on a plane or thinking up their next adventure.

Three Club was formulated after much frustration and inability to find a convenient fuel source that wasn't just a candy bar hidden behind a healthy looking wrapper. The name "Three Club" actually comes from the two always getting 3 cookies after a long run. Following extensive education on proper nutrition, they decided to re-create a product that would provide more nutrients than a cookie but still offer a satisfying taste. After many years of testing, researching and developing a nutrient dense yet tasty bar, Three Club Nutrition has evolved into much more than just a nutrition bar.

At Three Club Nutrition, we believe in living a life filled with the freedom of doing what you love. We've passionately created this company off of that foundation and continue our mission to help fuel however you choose to live life.
Why Three Club Nutrition? Simple. We've tested the best ingredients for a balanced nutritional fuel source. We use ingredients that place your health first and prioritize your energy and performance.